Hailing from a Georgia town so small you had to travel to the next town over for anything and everything, singer/songwriter, Rollie, became accustomed to the simple life of a rural area. Growing up, his family would vacation to beaches along the east coast of Georgia and the Carolinas. After returning one summer from one of these trips, Rollie picked up a guitar, inspired by his musically-gifted cousins who were with him. He hasn’t put it down since.

Rollie emerged in the Atlanta music industry in 2010, though he experimented with different sounds and genres with focus as a songwriter before defining himself in the acoustic alternative realm. 

Shortly after performing his first shows and gaining a loyal local following, Rollie released his first of three EPs in 2011, Why I Sing. The chill-vibe record covering multiple genres was produced by JJ Killa at Spotlight Sound Studio in Atlanta, GA. Why I Sing gained the interest of Justin Melick at Rising Hits Talent Management (The Blind Side, Fast Five), who immediately signed him to the Rising Hits roster. The two have since collaborated in numerous films. A couple of sound-experimenting mixtapes later, Rollie had achieved radio play in multiple states, signed with an Atlanta-based indie label, New Creation Records, directed several of his own music videos, and performed at festivals and the most celebrated venues of historic-Atlanta. Due to differences, Rollie parted ways with New Creation in March 2012. Fall 2012 was a difficult time for Rollie’s family as his paternal grandfather passed away, his mother was involved in a sporting accident, and his brother was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, all three inspiring moving songs (In the Sun (Cover) (independent single), Love (Sunny Skies), Cancer (Breezy) (respectively)). By the end of 2012, Rollie was introduced to then-student, Adam Norris. The two worked together on a couple of songs for free studio time and class credit. Their collaboration continued in the Spring of 2013 with the release of Rollie’s second record, Breezy. The EP received critical praise among fans and was featured in numerous blogs and podcasts throughout the United States. It was then that indie websites, Song Ladder and Number One Music, made Rollie an award-winning songwriter with “Fallen Apart” (independent single), and “Summer Girl” (Why I Sing). 


After a little time experimenting with other sounds, Rollie returned with the self-produced, Sunny Skies in the summer of 2014. The EP scored big, selling twice as many albums as its two predecessors, spawning a few singles, and placing two additional songs among the ranks of award-winners (“All Night Long” and “515”).

Summer 2014 was filled with touring for the Sunny Skies EP. Rollie toured North and Central Georgia and both coasts of Florida, as he experienced for the first time, the springs by the Gulf and swam with manatees in the Atlantic. The beach and coastal life have always left such a fond impression on Rollie. His favorite memories are from his family’s beach vacation trips. This fondness exists in his music. After swimming through many genres and never becoming settled in one long enough to be labeled, Rollie has finally found his sound as an Acoustic / Alternative, Beach Rock artist. 

In December of 2014, Rollie released his first-ever seasonal track, the self-produced Christmas single, “I Gotta Get to You.”

2015 started off with a bang as Rollie welcomed his first child, his daughter, Ellie. The remainder of 2015 was filled with touring, festivals, and lots and lots of writing. 

Following a move back to the North Georgia mountains, Rollie has been performing locally while finishing up his debut album, currently untitled; and coming Summer 2018!



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